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Computer on Rent in New Delhi
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PC on Rent in Delhi
Computer Rental Delhi
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Computer on Rent
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Delhi Computer on rent
Delhi ,Gurgaon, Noida , Mumbai
CDP Customized / Branded Workstation for your Rental Needs
IBM DAS 2 TB, Fibre Optic Cable, 450 GB - 5 TB HDD
Iomega NAS 2 TB, SATA Hot Swap HDD, Raid 0,1,5
IBM SAS DS3400, 450 GB SAS X 6 HDD, Raid 0,1,5 , SAN Switch 8 Port

DAT Tape Drive on Rent

Protect your small or medium-sized business, remote office or workgroup with DAT Tape Drives offering the ability to store up to 320 GB of compressed data on a single cartridge at speeds of up to 86 GB/hr (assuming 2:1 data compression).

External HDD on Rent

External hard drive offers a great mix of amazing storage capacity with secured performance. The 3.5 inch desktop e drive lets you access your files interchangeably on both PCs and Macs and with NFTS driver no additional reformatting is required