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Frequently Asked Questions
While serving for years, We came across many questions. These are some of the FAQ's which were frequently asked by our costumers. We have listed them out for your convenience.

Get a Quote

1.Some people say that renting is too expensive. Is this true?
2.Who can rent from CDP?
3.What IT equipment can I rent?
4.You rent out only product ranges shown in your web site?
5.Can I customize the product as per my choice?
6.I need additional software
7.What information do you need to provide a quote?
8.Why do you need all this information?

9.Is there any limitation for ordering Rental equipments?


Understanding the Quote


10. What information is in the quote?

11. Why is short term rental expensive as compared to long term rental?
12. Can I get insurance cover?
13. What are the "terms and conditions??
14. What about Taxes (VAT)?

Placing an Order


15.How do I place an order?

16.How do I pay for my order?
17.What if you cannot supply the items I need?
18.I need to cancel my order
19.During the rental Can I repair or Upgrade your equipment lying with me?
20.It's totally broken/stolen!
21.I need to extend the rental
22.I wish to return the equipment early
23.What happens if I have a problem with my equipment?
24.Does the rental support cover me if I catch a virus?
25.What happen if I loose my data during the repairing of the product?
26.If I rent a printer does it come with toner or ink?
27.I have many computers , How would I identify your products

Everything Else!

28.Do you sell ex-rental equipment?
29.Can I buy a new IT / NON IT equipment from you?
30.Do you repair all these equipments?
31My rental went well and your service was fantastic, what now?