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1) Some people say that rental is expensive. Is this true?

Renting is a competitive method of using funds. It is easier, faster and more convenient than borrowing money. It allows your business to grow by freeing up working capital for general expenses, inventory and any unforeseen emergencies. It also updates you with the latest technologies. It increases your profitability by helping you to cut on your cost on un-wanted assets for short terms projects. It reduces your AMC cost.

2) Who can rent from CDP?

CDP is a business to business IT supplier; we do not provide rental to private individuals. We can however supply to business type organizations and our customers can include:-

  • MNC's / Big Corporate Companies
  • Small businesses / Partnerships / Limited Companies
  • Charities
  • Public Bodies / Government (Schools, Councils etc)

3) What IT equipment can I rent?

Your first step should be to visit our web site where you can find a wide range of the products we can supply.

4) What if I don't see what I require?

If the product you need is not on the site then please call us and speak to our sales staff.

In addition we are always looking to expand our product range so just because you do not see it does not mean we cannot provide it. Call us, let us know what you require and for how long and we will try and help.

5) Can I customize the product as per my choice?

In many case this is not a problem. CDP may be unique in that we design and build many of our products ourselves. This flexibility allows us "custom design" or modify our products to meet many of our client's requirements.

6) I need additional software

CDP primarily supplies IT hardware only. Due to the vast range of software available and options we do not provide software other then the basics operating system i.e. Linux or DOS bootable HDD.

7) What information do you require to provide a quotation?

In order to provide an accurate quotation we need-

Your details - Name, company, E-Mail, Tel number and Web Address

Equipment requirements ? Specifications / Duration / Quantity

These are the three major criteria's we look upon.

8) Why do you need all this information?

Without some of this such as what you require and for how long we cannot provide a quotation.

A couple of different methods of contacting you can also be useful in case one fails. After all who says E-Mail is totally reliable.

And of course the more details we have on you and your company it ensures that we have more confidence in the fact you actually exist and are a legitimate customer.

Unfortunately renting out highly attractive portable pieces of IT equipment makes us target for any number of illegal activities and individuals whose main aim is to relieve us of our equipment!

9) Can I rent for any period I choose?

OFCOURSE You can rent for several days, weeks, months and even years. The minimum rental is for one day going up to a year.

10) What information will be in the quote?

Our quote will normally contain:-



Delivery/Collection cost

Terms & Conditions

11) Why is short term rental expensive as compared to long term rental?

With any rental, whether 1 day, 1 week or 1 month or more we have a fixed overhead cost for getting the equipment prepared, raising paperwork, dispatching, invoicing and checking equipment on return.

With a short term rental these costs are spread over a very short period, on a long term rental these are over a far longer period.

If a competitor is offering you short term rental at very low rates then you should ask yourself what sort of support service he can offer? Our fixed costs represent a realistic charge based on maintaining considerable resources of staff and equipment to support our customers. If others offer lower costs then perhaps you will be receiving a lower stand of service?

12) Can I get Insurance cover for equipment during rental?

No, unfortunately due to present legislation we cannot provide any form of insurance cover for items on rental. This is an area we are constantly looking at and some level of service may be available in the future.

At present you should ensure that you have existing cover through your buildings/content policies or arrange specific cover with your insurance broker.

Remember you are responsible for safe keeping and return of our products. Failure to do so can result in charges for repair and/or replacement up to the full value of the product

13) What are all these terms and condition?

When you rent equipment from us you are entering into a contract where you pay money and we provide services. As with any contract the terms and conditions are there so both parties know what to expect from each other.

It is up to you to be aware of these terms and conditions, if you have any specific questions regarding these please ask our sales staff before placing your order.

14) What about Taxes (VAT)?

VAT is not included as part of the monthly rental charges. Vat will be charged extra as applicable depending upon the delivery location.

15) How do I place an order?

Orders are normally confirmed by E-Mail or Fax. This confirmation should include:-

Details of equipment and/or quote number

Delivery & collection address

Confirmation of method of payment

16) How do I pay for my order?

A number of different methods are available-

Account holders - If you have an existing Credit account then confirmation in writing and/or a purchase order number is sufficient along with details of requirements, delivery address etc.

Payment by Credit card - This is often the quickest and easiest method and is ideal for short term rental.

Payment by cheque - as above goods will not be shipped until cheque has cleared our account.

17) What if you cannot supply the products I need?

If at point of order we cannot supply the items required we will try and substitute these with an alternative product of equal or higher specification. This will be at no additional cost to you.

In the majority of cases once an order is placed and availability is confirmed there should be no problems. However circumstances can occur where even at this stage CDP reserves the right to supply a replacement product.

18) I need to cancel my order?

In case of cancellation of order, you have to pay minimum rental, which depends on the Qty. and Duration of the equipment.

For further clarification you may please speak to our Sales staff at that point of time.

19) Can I repair or Upgrade your equipment lying with me?

No alteration should be made on attached fitted or repairs or an adjustment should be made without written permission of CDP.

20) Its totally broken / stolen

Where equipment has been stolen and/or damaged beyond repair then full replacement value of the goods will be charged.

Rental costs will be terminated as soon as you advise us, at which point payment is required for the equipment. If payment is not made then rental rates will continue until settlement is made in full.

No discount will be given to reflect any rental payment or age of equipment.

21) I need to extend the rental

Just contact us prior to the day of collection and advise us of the new collection date. We will then arrange collection for this revised date.

22) I wish to return the equipment early

If you wish to return the equipment before the end of the agreed rental term this can be arranged (Such is the flexibility of rental!)

But in that case 50% of the remaining rental period will be charged.

23) What happens if I have a problem with my equipment?

Call the Smart Support Line Tel: 011-26294288, 65381041, Mon-Sat, 10 to 5:30

24) Does the rental support cover me if I catch a virus?

Anti-Virus Support is not covered under the standard rental support.

25) What happen if I loose my data during the repairing of the product in case of a default?

We recommend you to keep a daily backup of your data. The responsibility of your data is not covered under our repairing policy.

26) If I rent a printer, does it come with toner or ink?
Toner does not come with laser printer rentals. Toner can however be purchased as part of the rental.

27) I have many computers, How would I identify your products?

We give exclusive serial numbers starting from CDP/.../... on computers/Laptops and other accessories, identifying the sole and exclusive ownership thereof.

28) Do you sell ex-rental equipment?

Of course, we do. For more information regarding this issue you can contact our sales staff for your requirements or you can also visit our Sales/Repair web page.

29) Can I buy a new IT / NON IT equipment from you?

Yes we do Sale Computers/Laptops/Projectors and other IT / NON IT equipments to our clients.

30) Do you also repair all these equipments?

Of course, we do. For more information regarding this issue you can contact our sales representatives or you can visit our Sales/Repair web page.

31) I have finished with the equipment, your service was fantastic and I will definitely use you again!

We always welcome compliments and these will be passed on to the engineers and admin staff who are not on the "front line"

If we were that good do not hesitate to pass our name around and we look forward to assisting you in the future.

Many thanks for your business

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